Investor DNA 02/06/2020 — The Power of “I Don’t Know”

Ken Akoundi
4 min readFeb 6, 2020

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Travel. Back in NYC.

Question: when will our industry wake up? You need more technology, from advisor to the pension page 8.

Privacy. If you are fed up with what the big boys do with your data, take a look at this; there is help.

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What Will Cause The Next Recession? — The Big Picture

Yield-Curve Inversion Is Sending a Message The question is whether it’s saying anything meaningful about the odds of recession. Bloomberg, February 3, 2020 The yield curve just inverted — again. Driven by fears of a potential coronavirus pandemic that could cause widespread economic disruption, investment capital sought shelter in longer-term bonds. This…Read More

Crash Course — HumbleDollar

THE JAPANESE just “celebrated” the 30th anniversary of their stock market’s peak. The Nikkei 225 hit an all-time high of 38,916 in December 1989. Today, it stands at 23,320, or 40% below 1989’s level. “But the Japanese stock market in the 1980s was the mother of all bubbles,” you might respond. Perhaps. But what about the Nasdaq bubble of the late ’90s? True, the Nasdaq Composite Index has finally returned to its 2000 peak.

ADP: Private Employment increased 291,000 in January

From ADP: Private sector employment increased by 291,000 jobs from December to January according to the January ADP National Employment …

Federal Aid Boosts Personal Income in Farm States

Agricultural states received an economic boost in the third quarter of 2019 after the federal government resumed special assistance payments to farmers amid ongoing trade disputes. States in the Farm Belt and the West recorded the highest growth in the combined personal income of their residents over the past year.

Muni Bonds Go Wild. Could 1% 10-Year Yields Be Far Behind?

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