Investor DNA 02/03/2020 — Why do we gain weight each year?

Ken Akoundi
6 min readFeb 3, 2020

Dear Reader

Travel. I guess not in NYC that long. Well, in Phoenix today and tomorrow, then Chicago on wednesday. Last week I hit the 4 corners of the US… im looking for empathy….

Privacy. If you are fed up with what the big boys do with your data, take a look at this; there is help.

Biblical? Someone brought to my attention that I used “…people dropping dead in China..” was a bit insensitive. I agree and I apologise if I upset anyone.

Libraries: many of you have had requested over the last quarter access to my library. My email was disconnected so I failed to respond to your request. Contact me and let me help you.

Please help us grow. If you enjoy this publication, tell your friends. Forward this email to them so they can join here.

Kind Regards,
Ken Kambiz Akoundi, Ph.d.


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